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Grace International Fellowship (Grace) is committed to assisting clergy and ministries in building and maintaining healthy church congregations through empowerment measures. We are committed to the expansion of the Kingdom of God and empowering Leaders all over the world

Grace International Fellowship (G.I.F.) was born of Divine mandate, purposed of God and placed in the spirit of its presiding prelate, Bishop R. J. Burt, Sr.  In 1991.  Bishop Burt was led by the Holy Spirit to share his God given vision of fellowship that would serve as a covering and support system for churches in their quest to not only grow, but experience HEALTHY GROWTH!      


In his sharing, in 2001, Bishop Burt met with Bishop Jeffery Davis and Bishop Joseph Kidwell.  They would confirm that through the Spirit of God, each of them had been given the unction to encourage Bishop Burt that the time to move forward with the vision has come. Hence, Grace International Fellowship was established  and along with Bishop Burt as the Presiding Prelate, Bishop Jeffrey Davis, Bishop Joseph Kidwell, Bishop Keith Smith and Bishop Cornelius  Roberson would become the Founding Fathers.  The Bishop’s Council of Grace International Fellowship was established.      


Grace is a multi-denominational movement with an inclusive global culture.  Its leadership structure has an apostolic flavor.  Spirit led and Christian based in its operation.  The footprint of Grace is not a religious sect, but rather, a fellowship committed to covering  and supporting aligned ministries in the fulfillment of their house vision.  


This is done with Grace’s focus on support through prayer and consultation, shared information, such as best practices, which will empower individuals and ministry organizations, training and development, collaboration and guidance particularly as it relates to involving ministries with ministries.  Grace continues expansion since its inception through additional churches that are interested in the fellowship order along with equipping and training the Body of Christ.   


In 2003, Grace International Fellowship continued in consistent growth with an addition to the Bishop’s Council made in the person of Bishop C.L. Sparks.  Also, Bishop Rudy Limpot was consecrated into Grace and he is the overseer of forty (40) churches in the Philippines, as well as a Bible School and an Elementary School.  In 2004, the council expanded to include Bishop M.L. Hall of Los Angeles, CA.  And in 2006 Bishop John Senter of Rockford, IL.        


Because  our expansions are from God, we expect that God will continue to enlarge our coast as we continue in fellowship and serve one another.  It is God’s hand that has done this thing and He does all things well!

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