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Grace understands the importance of keeping families of leaders strengthened in order to maintain a peaceful environment that helps promote stability, focus and dedication. Grace creates a communication line between fellowship members that supports each others needs and embraces the challenges that confront pastors and leaders in our daily life. Grace supports the growth of family and understands the complex difficulty that face marriages in ministry. Grace International Fellowship cares for you and your family.

Leadership Support

Our strength as a fellowship is the great mentors that help build and develop young and old pastors as we constantly pursue after greatness in our leadership training and empowerment meetings. Our well experienced leadership gives us an edge over most ministry organization. The power of our unity in leadership births out the grace that has given most of our churches access to resources and information that helps build a strong leadership structure and foundation for most of the churches in our fellowship. We believe in restoration of leaders and rebuilding their confidence in all area of their life both personally and corporately. We know what it takes to be a great leader and we create an environment to make sure you become one.

Ministry Support

Grace International Fellowship is committed to making your ministry goals and dreams a reality. We have over 30 years of ministry experience and a wealth of knowledge in ministry operations and vision implementation. Grace takes pride in becoming the leading ministry support fellowship that empowers small and large memberships by giving pastors and leaders the tools to help build healthy pastors and restore hurting churches. Grace will stand with you to make sure you finish the assignment for the vision that God has given you.

As you connect with all of the churches and pastors in our fellowship, you will enjoy the luxury of becoming a part of the Grace ministry network. This global network will expose your ministry to many leaders, pastors,men and women of great experience, knowledge and influence. Grace is a fellowship covenant that functions as a fellowship family. We are here to build your brand in ministry and help you reach beyond your ministry capabilities by connecting you with relationships with local and national ministries that help build a partnership that helps expand the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God.

Fellowship Support

Family Support


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