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Bishop R.J. & Pastor Patricia Burt

Bishop R. J. Burt and Pastor Patricia Burt have been married since 1987. They an awesome ministry team that work together diligently for the Kingdom of God. They have four wonderful children and are the proud grandparents of four beautiful grandchildren, as well as sharing a number of awesome Godchildren. What an awesome gift to the Body of Christ! 

Bishop R. J. Burt received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the prestigious Marquette University. He holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Logos Christian College. Throughout his ministry, Bishop Burt has engaged in life-long learning through earned certification for various studies from Moody Bible Study and Conference classes.


In 1990 this great man of God was installed as Pastor of Greater New Birth Church. Under the awesome leadership of Bishop R.J. Burt, Sr., Greater New Birth Church provides:

  • Training to youth and adults in various areas of leadership and outreach ministries that address many social skills in the community

  • A 6- module ministers in training curriculum called MIT-Modules

  • A staff of more than 120 ministers

  • A Child Development Day Care Center

  • A multi-million dollar building project that includes a new cathedral, fellowship hall and classrooms


Greater New Birth Church is currently in the second phase of a multi-million dollar Mega Mall project. This includes a new worship edifice and will include a family-friendly recreational/entertainment center, economic development opportunities and outreach efforts. This is GOD’S vision becoming OUR reality.

Bishop Burt serves not only as pastor to Greater New Birth church, but travels around the world preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an effort to “Serve the Body of Christ.” He is committed to preaching a message of spiritual, educational and economic empowerment. Bishop believes and states, “Wherever there is an air of expectancy and an aroma of faith –God – will do great things.”


In June of 1999, Bishop Burt was consecrated to the office of International Presiding Bishop of Grace International Fellowship (GIF), a training and support ground for pastors and congregations, of which he is also the founder. His heart towards Pastors is very rich. He has dedicated a substantial portion of his ministry, time and effort toward “shepherding” Shepherds. 


Bishop Burt is community sensitive. In addition to the ministerial duties for Greater New Birth and GIF, he has served on several community and private organizational Board of Directors. Bishop has served on the Board of Directors for TranCenter for Youth, Inc, an organization committed to meeting the needs of challenged and troubled teens. He also has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Hands OFF God’s Property Coalition, the Clergy Amani Association, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Economic Development Commissions. He currently serves on the CEO Leadership Academy Board of Directors.


When in the Milwaukee area, Tune in as Bishop R.J. Burt continues to spread the Word of God through radio ministry which airs Sundays on WGLB AM1560 at 3pm. Bishop Burt is a singer/songwriter and is well on his way to becoming a successful author.

Pastor Patricia Burt's  primary passion is excellence. When working with ministry issues, Lady Burt takes nothing less than the very best.


She is soft in tone, pleasant in persona and awesome in prayer. Other passions include working with children, mentoring young women and counseling Pastor’s wives. Her spiritual gifts include warring in prayer, anointed singing and administration. Her hobbies are working on the computer and sewing.


Lady Burt acknowledged her call into the Ministry one glorious Sunday morning in 2003. On September 25, 2005, First Lady was installed as Pastor. It is with great excitement that those who love her are able to witness her move into a greater manifestation of the power of God that rests on her life. Those who have known her for years remember that she just “always wanted to be saved and serving the Lord.”


This great woman of God has ministered to women from all walks of life. She is adamant about the Godly appearance of a woman in and outside of church. From counseling, praying, laughing, crying to mothering, being a sister, a daughter, a friend, a godmother, and most of all being a loving wife she impacts all who comes in contact with her.

Bishop R. J. Burt

Breaking Down Barriers

Grace Conference 2017

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